Services & solutions

There are some important issues to consider if you wish to make optimum use of the regional, national and European grant facilities available. In-depth knowledge of current grant possibilities and being able to comprehend all implications of a project are vital. When writing a grant application all criteria that are specifically relevant to the project should be carefully considered. As it is not always possible to request multiple grants for certain costs (anti-cumulation), it makes sense to assess in advance which (combination of ) possibilities could achieve an optimum result. The grant project will then need to be formulated in a way that will appeal to the authority awarding the grant. This means that special attention should be given to those parts of the project to which the grant regulation applies. Finally, strict deadlines come into play in grant acquisition. Not respecting those deadlines could result in your application not being considered.

Our many years of experience in grant acquisition guarantee a targeted and efficient approach. After an initial review of your situation we will be able to provide you with an outline of the funding possibilities that could be of interest to you. Before embarking on the application process we will sit down with you to assess whether the efforts required do not outweigh the potential gains. Our services do not have to end after your grant application has been written and submitted. We can certainly also provide you with support after your application has been awarded. A positive outcome does not necessarily mean that the amount awarded will actually be paid out. Often there are many obligations to be met such as providing reports on the project's actual and financial progress. In certain cases you may even be obliged to provide updates on the effects of the project for a number of years after the last (final) report has been submitted. Just as for the application process, there are many strict rules that need to be followed. Because we can also handle these – sometimes time consuming – activities for you, you will be able to focus on your core activities.

In other words, we do not only show you which grant options may be available to you, but we also make life easier for you when it comes to cashing in on these options. Should you be interested in obtaining our support on a success fee (no cure, no pay) basis, this can be discussed.

Another service which we offer is the monitoring of (grant) policies and the – both ex-ante and ex-post – evaluation of grant regulations. Such evaluations can be either qualitative or quantitative.