About Virente

Virente Consulting Group is a network of experienced consultants. All employees have at least ten years of relevant experience in grant consultancy or evaluating grant regulations. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, we have in-depth knowledge of and ample experience with all types of grant issues. This allows us to also provide you with grant advice that is specific to your situation and assist you in the application and subsequent process if and when necessary.

Publications of grant suppliers have often quoted grant projects that we have managed as examples. If you should be interested we can send you a copy of these publications.

The term virente is Latin and is an inflection of either the verb virere or the adjective virens. The meaning - by being green or simply green – symbolizes the sustainable character of our services. Not just with respect to the nature of the projects we manage, but also with respect to how we handle our client relationships. Our logo, a green leaf, emphasizes this sustainability. It is drop shaped to symbolize the ideal streamlining of our processes.
The relationship between the colour green and our type of financial support was inspired by the American English language in which green is synonymous with money.